WorldNetDaily Interview: We’re losing the culture because we’re losing the youth.

Thursday, April 10th, 2014 @ 12:49AM

A few days ago, I was interviewed by WorldNetDaily on the conflict between school choice and government-sponsored education. The interview focused on the critical issues of the school-choice debate:

1. The family and church should be the providers of education for Christian children.
2. The public school system cannot be fixed. It’s a socialistic model and should be abandoned.
3. Anti-Christian trends are real, ever-present, and proliferated by the public school system.

What does this have to do with the lieutenant governor race? A lot, actually. The position is a part-time one, and each lieutenant governor has a side project or projects which he focuses on in his “off-time.” I’m going to concern myself and my special projects with the reforming of our family lives, cultural development and moral and spiritual renewal. One way that I would do that is to be a strong advocate for marriage and for private, Christian and home education. I think we can renew our culture. That would be one of my projects.

In South Carolina, it costs $11,500 to educate child in public schools. If the system operated on the free market, if it were all private, just based on the cost of private education, we could do it at half the cost. We would take charge of our children’s education, and in doing that, we would take charge of the country and our culture. This would be a reformation or a revolution.

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