Ray Moore’s 9/12 Project Liberty Rally Speech

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014 @ 7:53PM

On April 12, I attended the Charleston 9/12 Project’s Liberty Rally. I gave a seven minute speech on my convictions about the state of the country. Liberal bloggers have picked up on my campaign and launched attacks on their blogs and my Facebook page. Needless to say, this means we’re on the right track. I won’t take back a word I said. Below you’ll find The Huffington Post’s report, the full speech, as well as some other blogs that have reported on my speech.



Huffington Post’s report (full video below):


Here’s the full video:



Here are what some of Ray’s fans are saying about his speech:

People say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Then there’s this guy.
Americans Against The Tea Party

Moore told the conspiracy website WorldNet Daily that his campaign will “focus on a restoration of pro-life, pro-family, pro-private, Christian and home education and pro-sound money (or a return to the gold standard) principles.”
Opposing Views

As a born again Christian I’m embarrassed to be associated with this knuckle head (my apologies to knuckles).
-Martin Hear, Huffington Post user

Ray Moore might as well pull his family out of America and not bother to run for governor of South Carolina but that is as close to a tea party paradise as you can get.
-Dave, commented on AATTP

Great way to spread the disease known a religious fundamentalism, pull your children out of schools teaching reality and enroll them in schools teaching fairy tales written by ignorant sheepherders back when the earth was flat.-radpat_USA, user at AATTP

Mock Paper Scissors and The Raw Story reported on the story, as well.

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